What are the available Housekeeping Reports in Opera PMS? 

List of available Housekeeping Reports in Opera PMS / Hotel Software

  • Assign Rooms All – The Room Conditions All Report displays all rooms that have been blocked using the reason codes under the assignment status of All, General, and Show. General Assignment will prevent the room from being displayed when you search for vacant rooms.
  • Facility Forecast – The report displays a five day forecast summary for the property, that includes numbers of arrivals, stay overs, departures, adults, and children. Also displayed is a break down of the Facility Tasks as well as the total number of items needed to be completed for the selected days.
  • Facility Task Details – The report displays all reservations, checked in and checked out, that have facility tasks assigned. When printing the full report, it is broken down by Facility Task and also displays a Facility Task Summary at the end.
  • Housekeeping Status – The Housekeeping Status Report displays the status for all activity in every room in the hotel.
  • Housekeeping Stayover – The Housekeeping Stayover Report displays all guests who are stayovers in the hotel.
  • Housekeeping VIP by Room No. – The Housekeeping VIP By Room No. (In/Expected) Report displays all VIPs in-house and due in by room number.
  • House Status – The House Status Report displays all the movements for the day for each room type.
  • Out of Order by Reason – The Out of Order By Reason Report displays all rooms that are out of order and the reason.
  • Queue Reservation Activity – Report queue rooms activity for the day or days selected.
  • Room Discrepancy – The Room Discrepancy Report displays all discrepant rooms – a listing of all room statuses that are inconsistent with Housekeeping status and Front office status. The “Sleep” discrepancy reflects that Housekeeping status is occupied and Front Office status is vacant. The “Skip” discrepancy reflects that Front Office status is occupied, and Housekeeping status is vacant. Print this report to verify room status discrepancies.
  • Room Maintenance Not Resolved – The Room Maintenance Not Resolved Report displays the all maintenance requests or work orders on rooms that are resolved as well as unresolved.
  • Room Status Change – Room Status Change report displays changes made in a room status that was completed by a user, telephone interface, or automatically changed by the system.
  • Rooms – The House Status Per Room Report displays all of your property’s rooms. Print this report to see a list of all rooms and their housekeeping status.
  • Task Assignment Summary – The Task Assignment Summary report displays every room in the property along with the Housekeeper assigned to take care of it and any special needs that the room may require.
  • Vacant Rooms Report – The Housekeeping Vacant Rooms Report displays a list of vacant rooms and all room statuses in the hotel.