19 Shift Briefing Checklist for Front Office Department

Front Office Shift Briefing Checklist
  1. Have you read the Log Book?
  2. Have follow up from Night Shift?
  3. Check your stationaries?
  4. Have you checked the Follow-up report?
  5. Have you checked the Arrival report?
  6. Have you assigned the room with special request?
  7. Have you informed Housekeeping and Room Service on the VIP arrivals?
  8. Have you informed housekeeping on all assigned rooms?
  9. Which is the Mock up room today?
  10. Have you checked the Departure report? (After 12:00noon)
  11. Have you keyed in your entire checked in guest to the computer
  12. Do you have anything for Afternoon shift to follow-up?

Grooming Checking:

  1. Is your Uniform nicely pressed, clean and neat?
  2. Are your fingernails clean?
  3. Is your shoes polished?

For Male Staff:

  1. Did you shave?
  2. Do you have clean black socks on?

For Female Staff:

  1. Have you had your Make-up on?
  2. Hair neatly bun up with net and plain black accessories?