How to Make Cash Drop Envelope – Eco Friendly!

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This topic is about making a Eco Friendly! cash drop envelope for your Hotel’s and Resorts Front Desk Cashiers / Finance.

Required Items:-

1) Used Envelopes Any Type

2) Used once sided Paper

3) Cash Drop Envelope Format (Click on the below Link to download)

Download Template: MAKE_YOUR_OWN_CASH_DROP_ENVELOPE.xlsx (14.1 KB)

How to Make the Envelope :-

Take a used envelope which you might have received by Post , Courier Etc. ( You can even collect from other departments )

Take a print out of the above ‘MAKE_YOUR_OWN_CASH_DROP_ENVELOPE.xlsx’ on to a one-sided used paper. ( From a single print you will get format for 3 envelopes. )

4) Stick the above print out to the used envelope. Done ! Your recycle Cash Drop envelope is ready.

Tip: You can reuse the recycle envelope many times by just re-pasting the cash drop envelope format.

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