Hotel Guest Room Key Control Checklist for Front office

  1. Are key records kept up-to-date by all departments controlling those records?
  2. Are keys issued to employees on a basis of need rather than convenience or status?
  3. Is there a standard policy for rotating all keys and locks at least once a year?
  4. Are locks replaced promptly when master and emergency keys are lost or found missing?
  5. How many master keys are available, and to whom are they issued?
  6. Would a system of sub master keys that restricted employees to specific areas be helpful to your property?
  7. When did you last spot check to ensure that officials or employees actually had keys that were issued to them?
  8. Do your employees turn in their keys at the end of a shift?
  9. Are extra keys maintained securely?
  10. Do you limit access to extra keys?
  11. If you make your own replacement keys, what restrictions (if any) do you place on access to this equipment?
  12. What restrictions do you make on duplicate keys?
  13. How many keys leave the premises with guests over a six-month period? What percentage is returned and what is the replacement cost?
  14. Do you have a policy requiring employees to inquire about the key at check-out time?