Opera Xpress Functionality List

It is definitely a good choice for a small independent hotel like yours. the main highlight of this software are:

  1. Opera Xpress is a skinned down version of the proven Opera PMS.
  2. Strong Oracle backend.
  3. Good reporting capability.
  4. Simple Navigation using dashboards.
  5. A Wide range of interfacing capability with third-party softwares and hardware.
  6. As they are the market leaders you easily get trained staff who already know how to work on Opera.
  7. ( Will save training / refresher training costs )
  8. Opera Xpress enables you to simplify your night audit, eliminating downtime in the process. Because you don’t have to shut down the system while you wait for your auditor to review,? le and reconcile, you save time and money.
  9. Fully automated EOD process minimizes the opportunities for accounting errors.
  10. And finally, it is cost effective as you only pay for the feature’s you use.

Mandatory functions which are around 40 functions altogether. Remaining you should choose according to the requirement of your hotel.

For Eg:- if your hotel has more groups then you should consider activating the group ‘tour series ’ functionality etc.

Oracle Opera

Download Opera Express Functions List