Front Office Sample Training Manual For FOA | GSA

Sample Training Manual For Front Office Staff

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Arrival (start of shift)
Expectation: To be completely prepared for shift.


  1. Clock into time clock recorder
  2. Review memos; logbook, daily function sheets, bulletin board and VIP list, to be informed of daily activities.
  3. Review the availability of information and occupancy figures. Ensure that you are aware of restrictions on dates, rates and room types.
  4. Converse with Management to be fully briefed on items of concerns, daily guidelines, and upsell information.
  5. Retrieve your cashier’s bank and prepare for your shift.
  6. Ensure that you are on the floor ready to work 5 minutes before the start of your shift to take part in the pre-shift meeting.
  7. Ensure that Activity Logbook is fully stocked with the following and ready to be used
    (Guest Log Book, Shift checklist, Service Recovery sheet, Room move sheet, Cash guest sheet etc.)

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Registration of Guest
Expectation: To complete registration within 3 minutes


  1. Establish Eye Contact with Guest(s)
  2. Provide a warm, hospitable greeting with the following: “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening…remember your smile, a friendly attitude and body language, while you offer assistance.
  3. Establish Guest name at least 3 times during check-in (Use frequently without overkill) and offer a welcome to the hotel (if it is a return Guest, welcome them back).
  4. Locate the Guest reservation in computer and verify reservation details.
  5. Establish credit according to credit policy and enter the credit number into the computer system.
  6. After reservation details have been confirmed (smoking/non-smoking, bedding preference or other special requests) print the registration card and imprint the credit card on the top right-hand corner. Be sure to verify the signature on the back of Credit Card matches the one on the Registration Card.
  7. Have the guest confirm the room rate and departure date, provide their address (or a business card) and sign a registration card, while you continue with the computer check-in.
  8. Remember to up-sell where possible to match guest needs and maximize hotel revenue.
  9. If the rate changes have the Guest initial any change on the registration card.
  10. Provide mail and messages to Guest. The system will prompt you if there are any messages for guest.
  11. Issue Guest (s) their room key-card and offer to place a wake-up call. Ask the guest for the number of keys they wish to have.
  12. Provide directions to the Guest elevators and perform a courtesy call within 10 minutes of arrival. Once again with the guest an enjoyable stay.

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Offering selection and up-sell where possible
Expectation: To ensure guest satisfaction and room revenue is maximized at check-in.

Attempt to sell the best quality room based on the Guest’s needs. Up-sell wherever possible.

  1. Describe the room quality standards rather than the rate. Explain the benefits and advantages of an upgrade.
  2. Quote rates in a confident, upbeat tone of voice.
  3. Complete the necessary adjustments to room type, rate and rate code in the Property Management System (Opera).
  4. Print additional registration card and copy down pertinent information and submit with an up-sell form to the Front Office Manager.

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Membership Club
Expectation: To ensure the continued development of guest loyalty.


  1. Membership Club is our Guest Loyalty Program. To register a guest use the temporary Membership Club Card found the registration package.
  2. From the registration page select, the PC Dropdown box and click enrollment.
  3. For more information on the loyalty, program guest can visit the Membership Club website.

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Assigning a room
Expectation: To ensure Guest satisfaction with accommodation and maximize room revenue for the hotel.


  1. Ask open-ended questions to establish Guest’s room and bed type needs.
  2. Upgrade/Up-sell Guest if necessary to accommodate reservation needs.
  3. Assign Guest only to an inspected vacant room showing “IP” in the system.
  4. Ensure that the room assignment does not conflict with VIP booking or room blocks. Do not allow Guests or luggage to go to a dirty room.
  5. When the room is not ready for arrival, offer an alternative room first and foremost. If you unblock another individual reservation be sure to double-check the “Notes and Comments” field and re-block immediately if possible. If an alternative room is not available, offer to store luggage with Uniform Services until the room is ready. Be sure to contact Housekeeping to inform them of the RNA.
  6. If the room is not available at hotel scheduled check-in time (2 pm), provide the guest with an estimated time when the room will be available.
  7. Offer to store luggage and recommend local waiting areas.

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Disabled Guests
Expectation: To ensure handicapped Guests’ needs are attended to.


  1. All Disabled Guests should be assigned to “Handicapped Accessible” rooms.
  2. Log all names, room numbers and the nature of handicap in the Handicap Logbook. This book will be used in the event of an emergency to assist these Guests and is located at the front desk below the emergency report holder.
  3. Be especially sensitive to the needs of the handicapped Guest.
  4. Communicate the Guest (s) name and room number to Housekeeping and Engineering and Rooms Service so that they are aware in the event of an emergency.

Department: Front Office
Staff: Front Office Assistant (FOA) / Guest Service Assistant (GSA)
Task: Credit Policy
Expectation: To ensure that the proper credit procedures are followed at all times.


Special Note: All guests MUST provide a valid credit card up check-in. In the event that the guest is unable to provide a credit card, please follow the instructions below.

  1. All registering Guests must provide some form of credit or payment (Exceptions will be noted by General Manager)
  2. Cash paying customers must make a deposit equal to the total room nights, and room taxes plus a $100 deposit for each night for incidental charges. Guests must be informed of the charging status.
  3. Picture ID is required in order to allow occupancy. Be sure to attach a copy of ID to the registration card. Acceptable forms of picture ID may include drivers license, state ID, passport.
  4. If payment is by credit card:
    a. Verify that the credit card and name are correct, the expiration date is valid and the signature matches the registration card.
    b. Swipe the credit card and ensure the number registers in the computer system.
    c. Imprint the card on the registration card (back of registration card) using the credit card imprint machine.
    d. Always be sure to give credit card back to the Guest when finished.
  5. Guest room folios should not exceed a balance of $500. If a folio balance exceeds the $500 threshold, guests should be notified that the hotel will be settling the account. (This does not require the guest to check-out)
  6. For Guests requesting direct billing:
    a. Check the reservation and number
    b. If nothing is found check with Accounting or Reservations to see if the company does have billing privileges.
    c. If the company does not have direct billing privileges, notify the Guest of the procedure to establish a direct billing account and ask for a form of credit for the current stay.
    d. If Guest insists on direct billing notify the Guest Service Manger on duty.