Procedure For Registration of Guest

1. Establish Eye Contact with Guest(s)

2. Provide a warm, hospitable greeting with the following: “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening…remember your smile, a friendly attitude and body language, while you offer assistance.

3. Establish Guest name at least 3 times during check-in (Use frequently without overkill) and offer a welcome to the hotel (if it is a return Guest, welcome them back).

4. Locate the Guest reservation in computer and verify reservation details.

5. Establish credit according to credit policy and enter the credit number into the computer system.

6. After reservation details have been confirmed (smoking/non-smoking, bedding preference or other special requests) print the registration card and imprint the credit card on the top right-hand corner. Be sure to verify the signature on back of Credit Card matches the one on the Registration Card.

7. Have the guest confirm the room rate and departure date, provide their address (or a business card) and sign registration card, while you continue with the computer check in.

8. Remember to up-sell where possible to match guest needs and maximize hotel revenue.

9. If the rate changes have the Guest initial any change on the registration card.

10. Provide mail and messages to Guest. The system will prompt you if there are any messages for guest.

11. Issue Guest (s) their room key-card and offer to place a wake-up call. Ask the guest for the number of keys they wish to have.

12. Provide directions to the Guest elevators and perform a courtesy call within 10 minutes of arrival. Once again wish the guest an enjoyable stay.