Procedures Involved In Guest Check Out

  • Greet the Guest greeting is the basic of a quality service to your guest. Through greeting, a receptionist also take the chance to ask the guest for his/her comment about the stay.
  • Check Guest Details It is important to check guest’s details. e.g. the guests name and room number. Guests with identical or similar names should be aware to avoid mistakes in the check-out process. if the guest leaves earlier than expected, either departments will need to be informed. Double check with the guest so to make sure satisfactory services are provided to the guest during the stay. Ask the guest to return the room key. Check the corresponding room number if ‘old-style metallic keys are used in the property.
  • Check if Any Late Check-out Charges Should be Imposed Normally. hotels would request their guests to check-out before 12 pm. Receptionists should follow the hotel’s policy for handling the cases of late check-out. Some hotels would charge 50% of the daily room rate for who checked out before 6 pm and a full rate is charged after 6 pm.
  • Need to check for Late Charges. It is the responsibility of the receptionist to ask whether the guest has used some charged services while checking out.
  • Invite Guest to Double-Check the Hotel Charges Produce guest folios (guest bills) for guest inspection and master folios (master bills) for tour escort’s.The receptionist should print and present the master to the guest for his/her checking before bill settlement. It is the responsibility of the receptionist to explain the charges to the guest if he/she has any questions and make corrections if necessary.
  • Settle the Guest Account Re-confirm the method of payment. It is common that some guests, especially business travelers and tours would like to split their consumption into two different folios (bills): master and incidental. Generally, master folios (master bills) only include room and breakfast charges which should be paid by enterprises to cover the necessary expenses of their travelling staff or; by travel agents which have already received the payments from tourists included in packaged prices beforehand. Other personal expenses, such as telephone, spa, and in-room movies, would be put into the incidental folios (incidental bills) as guests own responsibilities.
  • Ask if the guest need any assistance of the bell service, shuttle or arrangement of other transportation. Some may request the front desk to keep their baggage for a certain period of time before their departure. Receptionists should also take the chance to help the guests in making future reservations upon request particularly reservations in other hotels under the same chain.
  • Need to update Room Status and Guest History Record. After checking out the guest, make sure to update the room status which facilitate room cleaning and make the room available for sale as efficiently as possible. The creation of a guest history record involves the transferring of guest’s basic information, room preference and consumption record. Through the help of the new information technology, guest-history profiles can be automatically created and updated upon check-out by the property management system (PMS).