Jaconde sponge-Standard Recipe

Ingredients for 4 sheets of 30 cm x20 cm
Qty For deco PasteUnitDescription
0.1KGEgg Whites
0.1KGIcing Sugar
Qty For Jaconde Sponge
0.25KGMelted Butter
0.2KGIcing sugar
0.375KGCastor sugar


  • For Deco Paste combine all the four ingredients to a paste
  • Colour the deco paste as per the design and spread with various designs on a silicon mat and freeze
  • For making Jaconde Sponge Whip egg white and sugar to form a meringue
  • Fold in the flour , whisked egg yolks and add melted butter
  • Pour over the frozen deco paste sheet and bake at 220 Deg C for 10 minutes
  • Use the sponge as required