How to Easily and Professionally Boil Eggs: 4 Steps

Boiled eggs are one of the most popular and widely used types of breakfast egg preparations 6. This use, however is not always at the breakfast meal only. But, the hard-boiled egg is also used as the main dish, an ingredient in many dishes and also as a garnish.

Soft-boiled and Hard-boiled egg are both popular as a breakfast item and the preparation method is also same, the main difference is the cooking time between these two dishes.

Steps To Prepare Boiled Eggs:

Step 1: Select only those eggs which are free of cracks. Eggs which have cracks will seep during the cooking process and will not be suitable for service.

Step 2: Bring a quantity of water sufficient to cover the eggs completely, to a rapid boil.

Step 3: Carefully lower the egg into the water and reduce the flame to simmer (180 – 185 F)

Step 4: Cook the egg as per below timing for Soft-Boiled eggs and Hard-Boiled eggs respectively.

For Soft-Boiled Eggs: Cook for 3-8 Minutes.

For Hard-Boiled Eggs: Cook for 10 Minutes.

! Tips for best results while preparing boiled Eggs:

Eggs are actually not boiled even though they are termed as hard and soft boiled, instead they are cooked in simmering water. Boiling water will cause unnecessary agitation and might crack the eggs.

The selection of egg plays a very important role in the finished product and is to be done as per the standard egg grading .

If the boiled eggs are to be used at a later stage or to be served cold, then the egg should be immediately cooled after preparations. This will avoid the development of a greyish green layer which sometimes forms on the surface of the egg.