Types of Egg Used in Hotel Kitchen

Most commonly used eggs in commercial and home cookery are Large Eggs.

Jumbo and Extra Large eggs are sometimes used as B’Fast eggs for poaching and frying

Medium, Small and Pee Wee eggs are rarely used.

Eggs from Hen, Turkey, Guinea fowls, Ducks, Geese are used in the Culinary field.

Market forms Of Eggs

Fresh eggs: – Often used for B’fast cookery

Frozen Eggs:  Includes whole egg, whites, yolks, whole egg with extra yolk etc. It should be pasteurized before freezing. It is used for scrambled eggs, omelets, French toasts and in baking.

Dried eggs : – Should be pasteurized before drying. Includes whole egg whites & yolks. Moisture is removed through evaporation. They are primarily used for baking.

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