Grilled snapper in clam sauce

Clam sauce is an Italian sauce which is a topping for pasta. But the sauce goes well with grilled sea food as well.

Ingredients for 1 Portion

Clam Sauce :
0.03LITREOlive oil
0.05KGChopped peeled garlic
0.10LITREWhite wine
For Grilled Snapper :
1.50KGSnapper fillet
0.05KGPepper powder
0.10LITREOlive oil
Accompaniments :
0.50KGMashed potato(Mash)
0.08LITREOlive oil
Garnish :
0.05KGMustard sprout
0.05KGBlack olive

Clam sauce :

  • Heat a pan, add some olive oil & saute garlic.Add clams ,parsley & pour white wine, cover with lid and cook for 8 mins
  • Remove unopened clams and stained the sauce through muslin cloth & keep aside.
    Grilling the snapper :
  • Marinate snapper fillet with salt, pepper and olive oil and rest for 30 mins.
  • Heat a griddle and pour some olive oil & place the marinated fillets.Cook for 6-7 mins by flipping both sides to get the grill marks.
    Accompanimenets :
  • Blanched the vegetables & toss them in olive oil and season them.
    Plating :
  • Place mash at the centre of the plate and keep a grilled snapper fillet on top of mash.
  • Pour the sauce on side with some open clams and mustard sprout as garnish.
  • Place the glazed vegetables on the side of mash & serve.