Fire Safety Procedure

1 Fire alarm

If you’re subject to fire alarm signals, stay vigilant and do not waste any moment. Go to the exit nearest the escape staircase, or, if you are in the hotel room, go downstairs and stay in the front lobby.

2 Do Not Attempt To Pack Belongings

Time is valuable. Do not try to pack your belongings; instead, leave your room right away.

3 Do Not Use Elevators

Never try to escape using the elevators. Instead, only use EXIT staircases.

4 Inform Someone Of Your Presence

Call the phone operator, pound on the door, or signal the people below from the window to get their attention. Do not attempt to flee the building. Rescue could be just a few minutes away.

5 Keep The Fire Out

Use a wet towel and a wedged bit of chair to block the smoky entry that is next to the door.

6 Smoke

If the smoke is thick in the passageway, immediately take brief breaths while moving as quickly as you can as it. As this air close to the floor is less likely to be full of smoke and toxic gases, it’s safer.

7 Emergency number

The hotel has the emergency telephone number “0” and says, “Please ask for help, help and give us your location.”

Conclusion fire safety procedures are vital for everyone’s safety. They help people to know what to do in an emergency and how to react if a fire occurs. A fire safety procedure should be part of the fire training at work, school or home.