Seven Inexpensive Marketing Tips For Day Spa Owners

Having opened your Doorway Spas and now sitting down in your lovely Spa eagerly awaiting customers to come flying through the doors and make lots of money, some Spas have favorable locations in high profile businesses such as hotels. Occasionally, it’s a slow procedure, and it requires plenty of marketing.Even if your Spa launches with a great deal of gusto, it is always wise to have a second marketing plan in place and always to implement your marketing strategies. You never know when the next downturn may arrive or become a neighbor’s company! These 7 inexpensive hints will help you as you begin your business.

1. Own a website
Today, a website is an absolute necessity, and it needs to be within your budget. Don’t be hesitant to shop around for website quotes. Ask to see previous work and choose a web designer who is both a great designer and also has search engine optimization (SEO) expertise. It’s no use just having a pretty picture online that no-one can ever find, so be sure to quiz your potential designer on their SEO knowledge and design your site with content in mind rather than beauty.

Of course, your site has to look visually great, but it should also be optimised for the web in terms of content and keywords. For instance, if a person types Spa or Day Spa into Google, you want your website to be added to the search results page. I strongly suggest that you write your own website’s content, especially if you desire your site to have a particular layout and navigation. For example, you may find a booking request form that is e-mailed to you and a subscribe to newsletter box.

2. Market your website through online marketing tools
The next step is to market your website online (which is crucial for most people these days as their first port of call when looking to get information) to help promote your enterprise online! Here are some affordable things to do to promote your company on the web (you may need to enlist professional help with website development).

  • Submit your website to search engine directories to begin being ranked organically by Google. Within six months, if your website has been search engine optimised with the appropriate content and keywords, you should begin to rank quite high on Google.
  • Sign up with online directories and booking services; they will do your marketing for you and send you clients. Many of these are commission-based businesses, so there is no cost to you.
  • Social networking – Create a Twitter and Facebook profile and keep it up to date. (Go online and look up how to do this.)
  • Ad words on Google. Set aside some money for Google Ad words if you have a marketing budget. Again, research this cost per click marketing option online.

3. Build your own database as fast as possible
So many spas I’ve consulted with in the past don’t keep track of their own clients. This is a marketing crime. Marketing to your own customers is the quickest and most effective way to begin increasing your revenue. These people are already familiar with your establishment, so convincing them to return should be simple. (Assuming they had a positive experience the first time.)
So, create your database. Collect their emails and telephone information, and then inform them periodically about for example your Specials to them.

4. Create a Specials/Promotions Calendar to market to your database.
Make certain you put twelve months of special days on the calendar, particularly a range of special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and so on. Try to schedule something special for each of these outstanding occasions. Don’t let your enthusiasm for creativity be stifled by other people’s ideas!

Think up your own distinctive traits to stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to stress about Discounts . You can also believe Added Value . For example, consider purchasing an entire day spa package and also receive a free French manicure set as a bonus!

5. E- Mail & SMS your database
Now that you have your website created and your amenities arranged, how do you share this information with clients? Share your information via e-mail and text message marketing tools. E-mail and or textual content your database every week or at least once a month with your weekly or monthly specials. Don’t bombard them with offers all the time because this will become annoying, but once a week is fine, and once a month is a must.

 There are quite a few mailing and sms’ing tools out there that offer great rates and also have stunning newsletter templates to choose from.

6. Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are a fantastic way to publicize your Spa. Print out Spa gift vouchers and keep them in an extremely visible location, for example, at reception where customers typically pay. This will encourage them to purchase vouchers for their friends and family by making them think about their gifts where they may not have before.

Gift Vouchers are a great way to ease soft market your business to new clients while gaining revenue. Additionally, you should consider allowing customers to purchase Gift Vouchers online from your website. Your web developer will be able to assist you in this regard.

7. Public Relations (PR)
Paying for magazine or newspaper advertisements is extremely expensive and requires a lot of repetition to be effective, so public relations is a great way to get into magazines for free (PR). Invite the beauty editors of the top ten female-focused magazines to come to your spa for a spa treatment and write a review. This review will effectively endorse your spa, which is more valuable than a general advertisement!

Ensure that your best therapist performs their treatment and that their overall experience is five stars. Do this on a regular basis with Beauty Editors. Do it whenever you want free magazine coverage. It is effective. Keep in mind that magazines have a 2-3 month lead time, so your article will not appear for another 3 months.

Conclusion : It is your choice as to how you want to proceed but it is important to consider all the options and make an informed decision. There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding which marketing strategy is best for you.