Lost & Found Procedures


All Lost & Found items from guest rooms, Food and Beverage Outlets, Front-of-House and Back-of-House areas are forwarded to the Housekeeping Department as soon as they are discovered.

Procedures for Items found in Public Areas & Food & Beverage Outlets

  • All Lost& Found items discovered in the hotel’s public areas and F&B outlets must be immediately handed over to the duty Assistant Manager – Front Office.
  • The Assistant Manager – Front Office will identify and confirm the item found with the finder.
  • The Assistant Manager – Front Office will immediately examine the contents of the item in an attempt to determine the owner’s contact information, such as mobile phone numbers, office phone numbers, email addresses from business cards, and so on.
  • The finder will fill out a Lost& Found form, and a copy will be given to the staff for reference.
  • If a contact number is available, the Assistant Manager – Front Office should immediately call the guest and inquire if he or she has left anything behind in the hotel.
  • At the same time,the owner should be asked to confirm the contents of the items, if any, and then he / she should be asked how he / she would like to have the item returned.
  • The Assistant Manager – Front Office must determine whether the item is valuable, for example. Passport, driver’s licence, identity cards, credit cards, ATM cards, cash, legal documents, air-tickets, cheques, watches, wallets, purse, gold or diamond jewelleries, rings, stones, laptops, etc. All other items should be delivered to the Housekeeping Office for storage.
  • The Assistant Manager – Front Office is responsible for filling out the Lost & Found Record Sheet for record purposes and then entering the information into the “Opera”Assistant Manager log for management’s review.
  • The Assistant Manager – Front Office is responsible for checking all Lost & Found items on a daily basis to ensure that they match the Lost & Found record.

Procedures for Items found in Guest Rooms

  • All Lost& Found items must be turned in to the Housekeeping Office as soon as they are discovered. If there is an unforeseen delay, the finder must call to notify the Housekeeping Office of the lost property. This is done to ensure that the Housekeeping Office has the most recent information when dealing with lost property inquiries.
  • The finder must complete the lost property slip, tag the item, and place it in the lost property box.
  • All lost property should be reported to the Housekeeping Office on the same day.
    “Opera” and the lost property book both need to be updated.
  • Date and time found, finder, description of items, location, and the guest’s name and address for valuable items should all be recorded.

Disposal Policy

Perishable Items

Items will be kept for no more than three days. For perishable items, the Assistant Manager -Housekeeping should exercise caution.


Any opened bottles of alcohol should be labeled and stored for 3 months. If not claimed,the contents should be disposed due to risk of finder taking contaminated beverage.

Hotel Alcohol
Bottles that are discovered will be returned to the Food and Beverage Department. The contents’ quality will be tested in both opened and unopened bottles. An “Inventory Movement Form” should be generated, with credit given to the Rooms Division.

Non-valuable Items

Magazines, books, and fake watches should all be kept in the lost property room. After three months, the Housekeeping Manager will sign for the release of unclaimed Lost & Found items, which should be given to the finders.

Valuable Items and Cash

All cash, regardless of denomination, and valuables such as genuine jewellery, branded watches, cameras, and so on should be immediately delivered to the Housekeeping Manager for safekeeping in a safe deposit box. The Housekeeping Manager will notify the Director of Rooms, who will notify the guest and request instructions for the return of items.

Documents – passports, airline tickets, credit cards
Contact the Assistant Manager – Front Office to follow up on the guest’s quick return.