Eggs florentine

Eggs Florentine & Eggs Benedict have many similarities.The basic difference is, Ham/Bacon and hollandaise sauce in Eggs Benedict is replaced with Spinach and Mornay sauce in Eggs Florentine …In Florentine, however, eggs can be poached or scrambled or boiled.Anything with the name “Florentine” in it means one thing: it has spinach.

Ingredients for 10 portions

0.05LITRESWhite wine vinegar
20NosEnglish muffin – cut in to half
0.7KGHash brown potatoes
0.25KGGrilled tomato
0.3KGGrilled asparagus
0.050KGFresh ground pepper


  • Step 1- Poach all eggs and keep aside on paper/cloth towel
    Boil water with vinegar and bring to a simmer
    Break the eggs into a bowl and then into the boiling water
    Keep the temperature of water at 80 – 90 degrees and cook for 4 mins and 30 sec.
    Take the poached eggs out from water and keep them aside.
  • Step 2 – blanch the spinach
  • Step 3 – Keep hash brown & mornay sauce ready
  • Step 4 – Combining the Ingredients & serve
    Apply butter on the english muffin halves and toast them.
    Place the blanched spinach on both halves.
    Then place one poached egg on top of spinach & pour mornay sauce on top
    Garnish with fresh ground pepper from a pepper mill
    Serve with hash brown potatoes , grilled tomatoes & asparagus on the side.