Chinese Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup

The below recipe is a very popular authentic Chinese style – sweet corn chicken soup. Addition of green peas is optional.

Ingredients for 3.8 litres

1.5KgChicken breast
0.8KgCanned sweet corn -creamed
0.05LitreLight soya
0.01KgWhite pepper
0.05KgSpring onions
1.2LitreChicken stock
0.02KgCorn flour
0.05LitreSesame oil
0.12KgEgg whites


  • Saute chopped garlic in wok in sesame oil. Add corn and stock & bring to boil.
  • Add chicken julienne & let it cook. Add light soya, vinegar, white pepper, salt & simmer.
  • When chicken is cooked add diluted corn flour to thicken & egg drops to get white thread.
  • Finish with chopped spring onions while serving.