Chilled Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot juice and orange juice can be used in its preparation, and some versions are prepared using puréed carrot. After cooking, the dish can be run through a sieve to strain it. Here we use the pureed carrot to make a thick soup.

Ingredients for 1.6 LITRES

1LitreChicken stock
0.005KgGround cumin
0.01KgGround cardamon
0.04KgGrated orange zest
0.25LitreOrange juice
0.01KgWhite pepper
10NosParsley sprig


  • Peel carrots and puree it
  • Broil cummin and then cardamon. Once done ground it.
  • In a pan add spices and then carrot puree along with sugar
  • Once it starts boiling then add orange zest and then orange juice
  • Give this mixture one boil and then add chicken stock
  • Cook it and then to adjust the consistency add cream and then season it with white pepper
  • Cool & refrigerate for 3 hrs. Garnish with parsley sprig and serve