10 Hosting Tips for A Better Guest Experience

  1. Try to be available to receive the guest and give a warm welcome.
  2. Try and use white sheets if possible, especially if you line dry them as the sun will keep them nice and bleached.
  3. Get some tourist information pamphlets for the local area and leave it for guests.
  4. Have a listing or guest directory with Information that contains the FAQ’s such as wifi passwords, how to operate equipment, how to contact the host etc.
  5. Always touch base with guest to see if things are ok each day.
  6. Its better to avoid cleaning fees instead, incorporate it into your listing price.
  7. Offer discount to returning guests.
  8. Try and provide a welcome snack box biscuits, chips etc. on the day of arrival.
  9. Make sure your listing is very clean, take extra effort for the same. As most bad reviews are left because of cleanliness reasons.
  10. Always Iron your sheets.