Chinese Chicken Salad

Yield: 24 servings
Vegetable oil 2 cups
Light soy sauce 1 2/3 cups
Distilled vinegar 3/4 cup
Water 3/4 cup
Sugar 3 1/2 oz.
Fresh ginger, minced 2 1/2 oz.
Garlic, minced 1 3/4 oz.
Pepper 2 tsp.
Red pepper flakes 1 tsp.
Fresh chives, snipped 2 Tbsp.
Romaine lettuce, shredded 5 lb., 4 oz.
Carrots, shredded 1 lb., 2 oz.
Red cabbage, shredded 1 lb.
Green onion, sliced 4 oz.
Chicken breast halves (5 oz. each), boned, skinned, grilled, chilled 24
Sesame seeds, toasted (optional) 1 cup.

Preparation Method:

  1. For dressing, combine oil, soy sauce, vinegar, water, sugar, ginger, garlic, pepper and red pepper flakes in blender; mix well. Add chives, cover and refrigerate.
  2. In bowl, toss lettuce, carrots, cabbage and onion. Refrigerate until serving.
  3. Per serving: Combine 5 oz. lettuce mixture with 2 Tbsp. dressing; toss and plate. Slice 1 chicken breast into 1/4-in. slices; place on salad. Sprinkle with 2 tsp. sesame seeds, if desired.