Asian Chicken Salad

Yield: 1 serving

Chicken breast, 3 1/2 oz.
Chinese five-spice powder, 1/2 oz.
Sesame oil, 1/4 oz.
Peanut oil, 1/8 oz.
Garlic clove, chopped, 1
Ginger, chopped, 1 tsp.
Celery, bias cut, 1/2 oz.
Carrot, bias cut, 1/2 oz.
Bok choy, bias cut, 1/2 oz.
Napa cabbage, shredded, 1/2 oz.
Yellow squash, julienne, 1/2 oz.
Red bell pepper, julienne, 1/4 oz.
Garlic soy vinaigrette, 2 oz.

Preparation Method:

  1. Slice chicken breast into thin strips; toss with five-spice powder. Heat oils in sauté pan until hot; add garlic and ginger. Add chicken; stir-fry 1 minute.
  2. Toss in celery, carrot, bok choy, napa cabbage, squash and pepper; cook 30 seconds. Remove from heat; stir in garlic soy vinaigrette.