Baked sea bass with caper and pepper sauce

Sea bass is a common name for a variety of different species of marine fish.Different species are available in different countries and so there is no standard recipie for baking sea bass.One of the best continental recipe is mentioned here.
Ingredients for 10 portions

1.8KgSea bass
0.5KgRed pepper
0.5KgYellow pepper
0.05KgBlack olive
0.3KgEgg plant
0.2LtOlive oil
0.01KgPepper powder

Step 1 : Prepare the sauce for baking :
Saute onion,garlic,roast red & yellow pepper with caper and anchovy.
Season the mixture with salt & pepper and grind to make a coarse paste to make it a sauce.
Step 2 : Baking :
Boil potato and grill it ,blanch tomato and deskin,take the wedges of orange .
Place a silver foil on baking tray and arrange grilled potato as base and pour some sauce on top.
Place fish on top & arrange tomato ,orange & eggplant on the sides and pour some more sauce on top.
Pour some olive oil and fold the silver foil from sides & bake it for 25 min at 200 °C in the oven.
Step 3 : Plating :
Place the fish on the plate with sauce (from baked foil) on top. Arrange the potatoes & eggplant on the side.
Garnish with orange slice , some black olives & capers