Advantages and Disadvantages of External Recruiting in Hotels | Resorts

Advantages of External

  • External Recruiting brings new blood and new ideas into the company.
  • Recruits from the outside can often provide not only new Ideas but news about how and what competitors are doing.
  • External recruits can provide a fresh look at your company, which sometimes reinforces the reasons current employees work for you.
  • External Recruiting sometimes avoids many of the political problems associated with internal recruiting.
  • External recruiting server as a form of advertising for the company ( newspaper, ads, posters, bulletin boards and so on remind the public of your products and services).

Disadvantages or External Recruiting

  • It is more difficult to find a good fit with the company’s culture and management philosophy when recruiting externally.
  • Internal moral problems can develop if current employees feel that they have no opportunity to move up in the organization.
  • It takes longer to orient external recruits than it does internal recruits.
  • External recruiting can lower productivity over the short run because external recruits usually cannot produce as quickly or effectively as internal recruits.
  • When employees believe that they could have done the job as well as the external recruit who was hired, political problems and personality conflicts can result.