123 Abbreviation / Full Form For Key Terms in Hotels

  1. AAUI -Automobile Association of Upper India
  2. ADP -Automatic Data Processing
  3. AHLA -American Hotels & Lodging Association
  4. AHMA -American Hotel & Motel Association
  5. AIDA -Attention, Interest, Desire & Action
  6. AII -Air India International
  7. AM -Antemeridian
  8. APC -All Payments Cash
  9. ASTA -American Society of Travel Agents
  10. BA -British Airways
  11. BASIC -Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  12. BTA -British Tourist Authority
  13. CCTV -Closed Circuit TV
  14. CIP -Commercially Important Person
  15. COBOL -Common Business Oriented Language
  16. CP -Continental Plan
  17. CPS -Characters Per Second
  18. CRT -Cathode Ray Tube
  19. CRS -Central Reservation System
  20. DDP -Distributed Data Processing
  21. DGCA -Director General of Civil Aviation
  22. DNA -Did Not Arrive
  23. DNS -Did Not Stay
  24. DOT -Department Of Tourism
  25. DP -Data Processing
  26. DSS -Decision Support System
  27. ECO -Express Check Out
  28. EDP -Electronic Data Processing
  29. EP -European Plan
  30. EPABX -Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  31. FERA -Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
  32. FF&E -Furniture, Fixture & Equipment
  33. FFIT -Foreign Free Independent Traveller
  34. FHRAI -Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India
  35. FIT -Free Independent Traveler
  36. GDS -Global Distribution System
  37. GIT -Group Inclusive Tour
  38. GOI -Government Of India
  39. GRA -Guest Room Attendant
  40. GRE -Guest Relation Executive
  41. H&RA -Hotel & Restaurant Association
  42. HAI -Hotel Association of India
  43. **HOTEL -Home Office Tourism EntertainmentLastday
  44. **HOTERMAI -Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers Association of India
  45. HRAWI -Hotel & Restaurant Association of Western India
  46. HSMA -Hotel Sales Management Association
  47. IAAI -International Airports Authority of India
  48. *IAC -Indian Airlines Corporation
  49. **IATA -International Air Transport Association / International Association of Tour Operation
  50. IATO -International Association of Tour Operation
  51. ICAO -International Civil Aviation Organization
  52. IDD -International Direct Dialing
  53. IDP -Integrated Data Processing
  54. IH&RA -International Hotel & Restaurant Association
  55. IHA -International Hotel Association
  56. ILO -International Labour Organization
  57. IMF -International Monetary Fund
  58. IR -Instant Reservation
  59. ISD -International Subscriber Dialing
  60. IUOTO -International Union of o fficial Travel Organization
  61. IYHF -International Youth Hostel Federation
  62. JAL -Japan Air Lines
  63. JTP -Joint Tourism Promotion
  64. KLM -Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij nv
  65. (Royal Dutch Airlines)
  66. LPM -Lines Per Minute
  67. MAP -Modified American Plan
  68. MAS -Malayasian Airlines System
  69. MCO -Miscellaneous Charge Order
  70. MICE -Meeting, Incentives, Convention/Conference & Exhibitions
  71. MIS -Manager of Information System
  72. MIS -Management Information System
  73. MLS -Minimum Length of Stay
  74. MOCI -Ministry Of Commerce & industries
  75. MOD -Manager On Duty
  76. NAA -National Airport Authorities
  77. NCR -National Cash Register
  78. NTA -Not To be Allotted
  79. OOO -Out Of Order
  80. PABX -Private Automatic Branch/Box Exchange
  81. PATA -Pacific Asia Travel Association
  82. PAX -Number of Persons
  83. PBX -Private Branch/Box Exchange
  84. PIA -Paid In Advance
  85. PIA -Pakistan International Airlines
  86. PMBX -Private Manual Branch/Box Exchange
  87. POS -Point Of Sales
  88. PPPN -Per Person Per Nigh
  89. tPRPN -Per Room Per Night
  90. PSO -Passengers Service Order
  91. RNA -Room Not Assigned
  92. RNAC -Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation
  93. ROI -Return On Investment
  94. RSPV -Respondez Sil Vons Plait
  95. (Reply if you please)
  96. SAS -Scandinavian Airlines System
  97. SATC -South Asia Travel Commission
  98. SITS -Special Interest Tours
  99. SOP -Standard Operating Procedures
  100. SPATT -Special Attention Guest
  101. STB -State Tourism Board
  102. STD -Standard Trunk Dialing
  103. SWOT -Strength Weakness Opportunities & Threats
  104. TAAI -Travel Agents Association of India
  105. TIPS -To Ensure Prompt Service
  106. TQM -Total Quality Management
  107. TWA -Trans World Airlines
  108. UFTAA -Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association
  109. UNESCO -United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
  110. UNICEF -United Nations International Childrens’ Emergency Fund
  111. USP -Unique Sales Proposition
  112. VDU -Visual Display Unit
  113. VIP -Very Important Person
  114. VPO -Visitors Paid Out
  115. VPP -Value Payable Post
  116. WATA -World Association of Travel Agents
  117. WATS -Wide Area Telephone Services
  118. WHO -World Health Organization
  119. WIFMC -What Is In It For Me
  120. WTO -World Tourism Organization
  121. WTTC -World Travel & Tourism Council
  122. YHAI -Youth Hostel Association of India
  123. YMCA -Youth Men’s Christian Association