Cook (General) – Syllabus and Course Details

Syllabus for the Trade of Cook (General)

Knowledge (Theory )

 Safety rules in Kitchen
 Basics of Personal Hygiene
 Energy and Water Conservation
 Knowledge about Kitchen equipment and familiarization of their handling in the Kitchen
 Different section in the Kitchen
 Kitchen organization
 Safety rules for using knives.
 Information on Mise en place
 Foundation Ingredients and their
properties and characteristics
 Classification of Raw Materials.
Perishable and Non-perishable
 Preservation /storage /Service of Food
 Seasoning & flavouring agent
 Accompaniments & Garnishes

Practical Competencies

 Maintaining personal cleanliness & Hygiene Practices
 Carry out basic First Aid treatment/ notifying accident.
 Practicing Fire Safety measures
 Occupational hazards and safety norms.
 Good Housekeeping practices at all times.
 Simple Disaster Management & preventive measures for staff/ guests/ machines in the event of Earthquakes, Tsunami, etc.
 Cleaning the Kitchen or Food areas, utensils and relevant equipments
 Basic cleaning Material
 Practice Pest control measures, disposal
of waste as per environmental laws
 ,Energy and water Conservation
 Transfers, weighs & check supplies
 Assists cook in preparing Ingredients for Cooking and making simple preparation like sandwiches, salad, savories etc.
 Food preservation/ storage/ Service
 Knowledge about identification and selection of material& equipment
 Basic Knowledge of Methods of Cooking and cutting
 Opening and closing of Kitchen