Workstation Ergonomics for Hotel Staffs

Must Follow workstation ergonomics for all Hotel Staffs:
  • The keyboard and monitor should be directly in front of the person to avoid twisting the body.
  • The height of the table or chair should allow wrists to be positioned at the same level as the elbow.
  • The monitor and typing material should be at or just below eye level.
  • The monitor should be a distance of min 18 inches to 30 inches from the eyes.
  • Prescription glasses should be purchased for the above distance.
  • The keyboard should be at a level where wrists are straight, in a neutral position rather than bent forward for periods.
  • The wrists should be able to rest lightly on a pad for support.
  • The chair should provide lower and middle back support.
  • The feet should be flat on the floor on on a footrest so the knees are parallel at a 90 degree to 110 degree angle.
  • There should be at-least 3 to 6 inches of leg room between one’s lap and the keyboard.
  • Seat pan with greater/smaller depth for Taller/shorter workers.
  • Seat pan with greater width For Workers with wider hips.
  • Chair designed for greater than 8 hour shift use, chairs used over 24 hour shifts will require more frequent maintenance and replacement.
  • Computer based workstations should be designed to allow adequate height, depth and work surface to suit the user, the type of work they do and the equipment they use.
  • Keep the device at the same height and as close to the keyboard as possible.
  • Ensure the mouse fits comfortably in the hand to minimise any undue pressure on the wrist and forearm.
  • Consider operating the device with the non-dominant hand. Change this operating preference on the computer settings.