What is the Differences between Table d’hote and A’la carte?

* The menu is elaborate.* The menu is small.
* Each dish is priced separately.* It is priced as a whole.
* The wide range of choice is available within each course.* A limited choice is available within each course.
* It is prepared once the order is given.* It is prepared in advance.
* It is cooked small quantities.* It is cooked in large quantities.
* Silver is laid as per the order.* Silver is laid in advance as the menu is known in prior.
* Large amount of tableware is needed to carry out the service.* Limited tableware is needed to execute the service.
* Highly trained manpower is required to take orders and serve.* Less trained manpower is required to do service.
* It required printed menu cards to explain the guest about the menu as it is more elaborate.* It can be orally informed as it is simple.