What are the Types of Meals?

Food and beverage service is about serving the customers when they are hungry. However F&B outlets offer a typical variety of food depending on customers demand, type of operation, location etc.

The most important meals of the day are:

(i) Early morning tea [EMT]: Most often these orders are placed with the room service and it consists of a choice of tea and coffee served with cookies or biscuits. Service is expected to be fast and timing of this meal is from 4.am to 6.am in the morning.

(ii) Breakfast: Breakfast, Elevenses, High tea and Supper are considered the subsidiary meals of the day. Whereas Lunch and Dinner are the two main meals. Although light (lite), the smaller meals fulfill nutritional requirements of and when required if properly planned, divide the day into even food breaks. Breakfast is considered as one of the most important meal nutritionally.

(iii) Brunch or elevenses: The word ‘brunch’ comes from a combination of lunch and breakfast. It refers to a heavy meal eaten around 11 am by guests who wish to skip lunch or those who hate missed breakfast. Today brunch has become very popular in coffee shops and multi-cuisine restaurants, especially marketed extensively on these days.

(iv) Lunch and Dinner: These are main meals of the day. All F&B outlets cater to these meals. The variety of service differs from buffet and pre-plated in coffee shops, silver service in multi-cuisine restaurants.