Tips For Handling Guest Complaints in F&B Service

What You Need for effectively handling guest complaints?

1. EASY feedback

  • Make it easy for guests to give feedback.
  • Always show a willingness to hear guests complaints and suggestions.
  • F&B Staff should collect the guest feedback in a standard form.

2. Help Guest Quickly

  • Guests who have to ask more than once for a resolution are less satisfied.
  • Always let the guest know the approximate time it will take to resolve his complaint.

3. Empower F&B Staff

  • Give authority to the F&B staff to take certain decisions in order to resolve complaints.
  • Waiting for getting permission from superior or managers are only going to delay the resolution and creates further dissatisfaction to the guest.

4. Do Not Inconvenience More!

  • Make sure not to do any actions to further inconvenience the guest.
  • Doing so will make the guest more upset and angry.

5. Resolution

  • Provide alternative if an immediate solution cannot be found.
  • Inform the guest what will be done so the same issue will not be repeated.
  • F&B staff should take corrective actions without any hesitation.