F&B Service Suggestive Selling and Up-selling Tips!


Sound Appealing and Enthusiastic Make Food & Beverages Sound appealing. Eg; use words like “fruity”, ” Chef Special”, “Creamy”, “Signature Dish”, “Thirst quenching” etc.

Be Enthusiastic – as it is easier to sell something you are excited about.

Ask questions?

Ask Questions to Guest – Find out if guests are unhurried or only have time for a quick dining, likes healthy food, like sweet or tart or hot or cold beverages etc. and try to offer a choice accordingly.

Suggest Unusual 

Suggest the unusual food & beverage – People go to restaurants and hotels to get away from their daily routines and majority of the guests don’t know what to order!

Suggest Go Together 

Suggest F&B Which Go Together – Always suggest food and beverages that naturally go together. Eg: Beer and Pizza, Wine and Cheese, Burger and Fries, Bacon and Eggs, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup, Yogurt and Cut fruit etc.