Tian of Maine Lobster, Hearts of Palm, Mangoes and Artichoke Chips

Yield: 4 servings

Lobster meat, cooked – 12 oz.
Chipotle chile in adobo minced -1
Lime, juiced divided use – 2
Orange, juiced – 1
Grapefruit, juiced – 1
Lemon, zest only, minced – 1/2
Olive oil – 3 Tbsp.
Ginger, minced – 1 tsp.
Hearts of palm, julienned – 8 oz.
Mango, diced – 4 oz.
Parsley, chopped – 2 Tbsp.
Tarragon, chopped – 1 tsp.
Extra virgin olive oil – 2 Tbsp.
Salt and pepper – to taste
Pea sprouts – as needed
Chervil – as needed
Artichoke chips (recipe follows) – as needed


  1. Combine lobster, chipotle, juice of 1 lime, orange and grapefruit, lemon zest, olive oil and ginger; marinate 30 minutes.
  2. For salad, combine hearts of palm, mango, parsley and tarragon; toss with extra virgin olive oil and remaining lime juice.
  3. To plate, season lobster and salad with salt and pepper. Place salad in a 2-in. ring mold. Top with lobster and garnish with pea sprouts and chervil. Drizzle remaining dressing from vegetables on the plate and garnish with artichoke chips.