Some common Interview questions from Marriott, Hilton, Taj, Leela and Hyatt etc

  1. Name the previous hotels for whom you have worked?
  2. Tell us about your previous hotel job title, job description and your roles and responsibilities.
  3. Major challenge that you have faced during job. Were you able to handle that and what you have done to solve that?
  4. How many hours do you work in previous hotel job?
  5. Would you prefer to work alone or in team. State the reason.
  6. Tell us the time when you were not able to meet the deadline? What were the consequences?
  7. How do you plan to achieve the targets?
  8. How you would describe your personality and managerial skills?
  9. What were your hotel job expectation and how far you have achieved that.
  10. What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
  11. What is your source of motivation?
  12. What interests you about this hotel job?
  13. What relevant experience do you have?
  14. What do you know about this hotel?
  15. What can be your contribution to improve the hotel further?
  16. What other jobs are you looking for in this industry?
  17. What are your goals?
  18. What bothers you the most and upset your patience?
  19. What you do not like in hotel jobs and what you like the most?
  20. What is your greatest achievement so far?
  21. What is the best company you have worked so far?
  22. What are the qualities that one must have for managerial job?
  23. Are you able to handle stress of job during peak season?
  24. Are you familiar with hotel industry in detail. Tell me the present scenario.
  25. Are you a good team player?
  26. Are you open to work in 24 x 7 environment and willing to travel?
  27. Are you able to work under pressure?
  28. Why have you chosen hotel jobs as your career?
  29. Where do you see yourself in next five or ten years?
  30. How long would you stay with our hotel?
  31. Anything which you want to ask from us?