Hotel Interview Tips

What to Wear for Hotel Job Interview?

Positive demeanor and uniform is part and parcel of hotel job. So in order to achieve that during hotel interview, dress up appropriately. If you are a female and wearing skirt then its length should not be higher than the knees. You can also wear other formal dresses like trousers and formal shirt. In India Saree is the most preferred choice for hotel interview. Guys should wear formal suit with neck tie. If not suit then wear black pant with formal white or blue shirt. Keep the dressing formal for any level of hotel interview like hotel manager interview, hotel sales manager interview or hotel front desk interview.

Your Attitude

Bear the positive attitude and always keep little smile on your face as these are the predominant features to get hotel job. Also do not be rigid on not working on Sundays and holidays. If you are not open to this then this might cause hurdle in getting hotel job as most of the hotels are open throughout week and it is generally the weekend that is the busiest of the entire week.

What to Highlight in Hotel Interview?

Most of the hotel jobs revolve around customer care and other customer services. So you must highlight your experience in regard to this. Also during interview you can mention this under your strength? Apart from this your pleasing personality will speak for you.

Your Body Language

Never play with your hands. Keep them folded in your lap. Try to be natural. Sit straight and be attentive. Also do not move your hands much during hotel interview. Also do not play with pen or hair locks. Do not stare at employer but make regular eye contact. Slouching is not recommended during hotel interview so stand and sit properly and straight. Be On Time Hotel jobs requires punctuality so be on time at the time of hotel job interview. It would be far better if you reach at hotel interview venue at least 30 mins early. You can utilize these 30 mins to make yourself familiar to the location.