Scrambled egg with toast

Scrambled egg is usually made with chicken eggs, stirred or beaten together while being gently heated. Scrambled eggs order is usually served just plain with eggs, salt & butter. But scrambled eggs can be made more complex by adding different ingredients of your choice(eg. chopped – onion/ tomato/mushroom/ ham/chilies etc)

Ingredients for 10 portions

0.7KGHash brown potatoes
2LoafWhite / brown bread
0.1KGSalted butter
0.25KGGrilled Tomato
0.2KGIceberg lettuce
0.200KGSalted butter cubes
0.050KGFresh ground pepper


  • Whisk eggs with cream & butter. Heat a nonstick pan & pour a laddle of beaten egg mixture
    Cook for 30 sec. and start to scramble.Cook for a minute & remove once they are fluggy but pasty.
  • Plate them on garnished plate with lettuce and grilled tomato.
    Serve hash brown and toast on the side

Accompaniments : Salted butter cubes, Jam , Marmalade & Honey
Offer pepper mill while serving.