Pork Wellington

Authentic dish – beef wellington, an English pie, made of beef tenderloin, duxelles, pate de foie gras, ham and puff pastry. Here we replaced beef with pork loin wrapped in chicken breast paste and puff pastry served with liver paste and salsa.

Ingredients for 10 portions

1.8KgPork loin
0.4KgChicken breast
0.1LitreOlive oil
0.3KgPuff pastry
0.3KgLiver sausage
0.02KgChopped sundried tomatoes
0.01KgCorriander root

Method :

  1. Marinate the pork loin in salt, pepper and olive oil and sear it on a hot cast iron pan
  2. Combine the boneless chicken breast with cream, salt, pepper, eggs and blend to get a thick paste.
    Add chopped parsley, mix and keep aside.
  3. Blend the liver sausages until a thick paste is obtained. Season the sausages and combine with
    Finely chopped sundried tomatoes. Shape into quenelles and keep aside
  4. Salsa – make brunoise of onions, tomatoes, melon and combine with chilies and chopped coriander roots

Baking :

  • Roll out the puff pastry to 5 mm thickness. Spread the chicken paste and place the seared pork loin at the center.
  • Roll the puff to encase the pork and seal all the edges
  • Brush with egg yolks and bake the wellington in the oven at 180 deg c until crisp and golden brown

Serving / plating :

Take out the baked wellington and slice on 2 cm thickness. Serve with salsa and sausage liver quenelle.