PMS Shut Down / Downtime Report

The below list contains the list of minimum reports which you would like to have in case the PMS is down or for emergency. ie for offline front desk operations in case of an emergency.

  1. In house Guest by room number.
  2. In house Guest by name.
  3. Guest balance report including deposits.
  4. Remaining arrivals by room number.
  5. Remaining arrivals by Name (With VIP Code).
  6. Remaining departures (Due Out) by room number.
  7. Departures Checked Out.
  8. Traces for the Day.
  9. Traces Not Cleared
  10. Reservations in the book +180 days
  11. Housekeepers List with room status.
  12. Airport Pickup report.
  13. 12 Airport Drop Report.
  14. OOO Rooms.
  15. OOS Rooms.
  16. Rate Variance Report.
  17. Open balance report.
  18. Trial Balance / All Ledger Balances as if now.
  19. Room Status detailed.
  20. Payments made by Cash Register.
  21. Arrival List Next 7 days.
  22. Departures next 7 days.
  23. AR Ledger Details as if now.
  24. Deposit Ledger Details as if now.
  25. Guest Ledger details as if now.

Hotel IT Failure Emergency Action plan / Contingency Plan (All Departments)