Personal Chef – Job Description

Personal Chef – Non-Restaurant Positions
  • There are two types of personal chefs.
  • Personal chefs may be hired exclusively by one household to prepare all meals served there each day.
  • A more common type of personal chef is an independent chef who prepares and sells meals for several different clients.
  • Sometimes the personal chef prepares the meals in the client’s kitchen.
  • Other times he or she prepares them off-site and delivers them to the clients.
  • This second type of personal chef is most often an independent operator, and not an employee.
  • This is an entry-level position.
  • Most clients hiring personal chefs, whether as an employee or for occasional meals, prefer chefs with culinary backgrounds and food service experience.
  • Certifications are not required but are available through the United States Personal Chef Association .
  • Personal chefs should enjoy planning and preparing meals of all kinds, customized to meet the needs of their clients, and have good communication and customer service skills.
  • Depending on the chef’s clientele or specialty, some culinary training and knowledge of nutritional needs may be required.
  • A personal chef does not have direct reports unless he or she has a large business and hired employees to assist him or her.
  • Depending on the size of the household or business the personal chef is hired by, promotions may be available for supervisory positions.
  • Personal chefs may also be hired as chefs at food service operations.