Opera Hotel Software Hidden Shortcut Keys! 

Check out the Opera hotel management system hidden shortcut keys! Try these out and update your comments!

  • CTRL + T will open the options search field in both the reservation and billing screen (it opens at the bottom left corner and allows you to continue to navigate by simply typing in the name of the option you are looking for)
  • ALT + . (dot) on the reservation, screen will open the guest profile screen
  • ALT + R will print the registration card from the reservation screen
  • ALT + I on the billing screen will print an information folio
  • SHIFT + F10 in the billing screen will open the right mouse click menu
  • To synchronize the HK + FO status, go to housekeeping management and click on shift+F7 inside the room search field.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Double click in the CLIENT ID field in the profile search screen will toggle between NAME ID and CLIENT ID search field.
  • Double click in the lower right corner of the search area in the Reports screen and access to Report Setup will appear on the lower left side