Old School Hotel Sales Styles With New Technology

Hotel sales training tips for using new technology with an “old school” hotel sales style
  • First, call, then send an email. Use phone conversations to establish contacts, and then use email to do what it does best: spread information, such as your proposal.
  • Leave a personalised voicemail showing interest in their business, even if your prospect is a “phone call dodger” and you just receive voicemail. To perfect your message, use the “delete and re-record” voicemail option. Even if it’s just an email from then on, you’ve exhibited your personality.
  • Include in your emails “local insider’s tips” and suggestions; cut and paste links to local area attractions, transportation, and events that might be appropriate.
  • Similarly, edit templates of sales letters and proposals. Include in sales kits local area brochures or other information, complete with post-it notes to the prospect such as “Thought this might be of interest to your group.”
  • Update your voicemail greeting daily to let callers know your availability.
  • Use “Out of Office” reply to include the name of an alternative contact when you are away from email for more than 24 hours.
  • Ask if clients can use video calling services like Skype or Yahoo IM. When they do, you will have the tools to make a much better connection than competitors who only email.
  • Be novel and creative. The laptop computers of most hotel sales people these days includes a webcam; record a short video message for your prospect and send it as an email attachment.
  • All hotel sales team has a smartphone or tablet computers that feature all kinds of fun apps that can be used to send personalized messages, especially to follow-up with prospective clients whom you have already made a personal connection with.
  • MAC users can use iMovie maker to easily make stop-motion videos to express interest in the prospect’s business in a way that will not only get a chuckle but also differentiate your hotel from the comp-set.
  • Send a link to a song on YouTube or other online channels that expresses how much you would like to host their meeting or event. (For example, search YouTube for “Let Us Entertain You Song” and if you read the whole page there are two or three that are perfect to show the prospect how much you want their business in a fun way.)
  • Send a personalized, handwritten note via the good old Postal Servic