How to Prevent Pest Infestation? – Pest Control Checklist

Pest Control Checklist for your Homestay, B&B, Hotel, Hosting and Rental. Tips and Tricks to reduce pest infestation in your hosting.

Keep things clean! It is better to prevent pests than to have to get rid of them!

 Keep a high standard of cleanliness.
 Seal openings in floors and walls.
 Seal openings around pipes.
 Dispose of waste quickly.
 Clean up spills immediately.
 Store all food in sealed containers.
 Ensure doors and windows close tightly.
 Keep all storage areas clean and dry.
 Keep lids on all trash bins.
 Clean and disinfect trash bins often.
 Keep plants trimmed.
 Keep all equipment clean.
 Do not leave food scraps exposed.
 Examine food deliveries for signs of pests.
 Repair broken items such as chairs, tables, and handrails.
 Replace burned-out light bulbs.
 Sweep public areas two times per day.
 Put flower pots near the entrance.

Download the Pest Prevention Checklist:
Pest Prevention Checklist – Hotel _ Homestay _ B&B _ Airbnb Hosting.pdf (177.7 KB)