Basic fire safety guidelines

Fire safety guidelines for Hotel Industry: Fire usually happens to the availability of key elements of fire, three elements: – Triangle Fire 1) Heat 2) Flammable material (Fuel-wood-papers) 3) Oxygen

To extinguish any type of fire must be removed one of the mentioned three factors that caused the fire:-

1- Starve the fire: Deprivation of flammable materials and the transfer of these materials away from heat and flame effect.

2- Choke the fire: to mute the fire and not accessible to oxygen, and the fire is covered with carbon dioxide.

3- Cooling the fire: Cooling the fire to reduce the temperature with using water.

What do you have to do when you see the fire?

  • Inform the existing building by fire alarm arm if found or by roll call.
  • Evacuate the building in an orderly manner and directing individuals to emergency assembly points.
  • Immediately notify the civil defence and start rescue operations forced if found.
  • To make cordon around the fireplace and allow only for concerned persons.
  • Close-causing flammable sources as possible such as the gas – electricity.
  • To use your skills to remove one of the Triangle Fire factors.
  • Try to account how many persons presented at the emergency assembly point.
  • Make sure to give priority for visitors at your area if you have.

Must be known below:

  • Must know where and how the work of firefighting equipment.
  • The road to emergency assembly points.
  • Where is boycotted the public electricity?
  • Where is the public Gas cut?