How to Handle Guest Relocation When Hotel Is Overbooked?

Tips for effectively Handling Guest Relocation The When Hotel Is Overbooked:
  1. Guest with confirmed reservations and arrive on or before the stated arrival time or with guaranteed booking may be relocated to another hotel of the same room standard and facilities if the hotel is fully-booked or any spare rooms are not available.
  2. When relocating a guest to another hotel, it shall be the responsibility of the Duty Manager / AFOM 10 to carry on the task by providing the guest with free transportation to and from the hotel.
  3. Relocated guest shall be accorded a complimentary international/interstate phone call at the hotel’s expense. (In case requested by the guest)
  4. The relocated guest shall be picked-up and brought back to the hotel the following day by the Duty Manager / AFOM.
  5. The relocated or walked guests are the first priority on second days arrival guest.
  6. The relocated guests shall be upgraded and treated as VIP, with amenities and apology letter for walked guests 54 from the General Manager placed in the room before arrival.
  7. Whenever necessary, the hotel shall issue a Gift Voucher/Certificate for one complimentary room, overnight at Hotel.
  8. Follow the below procedure when issuing and redemption of the gift voucher:
  • The Gift Voucher/Certificate is to be issued only when a guest has been relocated and has returned to the hotel.
  • Upon redemption by the guest, the Front Office Agency shall collect the original pledge certificate and attach to the Registration Card as the purpose of internal auditing.
  1. Under no circumstances shall a VIP guest be relocated unless otherwise approved by the General Manager 3 / Front Office Manager.
  2. Any guest subject for relocation shall be brought to the attention of the FOM and GM without delay.