How to Apologize to Customers and Have Them Love You More

It’s never a good thing when customers have a bad experience with your product or service. But instead of getting defensive, you can apologize, make it right, AND make them love you more in the process. Here’s how:

Have all customers on an e-mail list:

You don’t have to be an Internet marketer to have an e-mail list. Every business needs to have at least a single master e-mail list that is clean and updated. Use an e-mail marketing program such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, aWeber or InfusionSoft. This will make your life and communication with your customers insanely easy.

Segment your customers into multiple lists:

Break your customer lists out into groups or segments. Don’t make it overly complicated, but make sure that it’s effective. Your lists can be segmented by geography, product or service. or by lead source (online, store, etc).

When you learn about a customer service mishap, jump on it immediately:

Have a plan in place where you immediately make it right for the customer experiencing the problem. Then, look for ways that you can PROMOTE the fix and how much better it is to everyone.

Look at your mistake as an opportunity:

Don’t look at a mishap as a mistake; look at it as a loyalty building sales and referral opportunity. Instead of thinking about how to defend the mistake, think about the ways that you can use the mistake to give your customers an unexpected surprise.

Have low-cost, high-value giveaways:

Think of giveaways which has low operational cost and high-value and provide them to customers.