Greek Salad

Ingredients for 10 portions

1KGCleaned Iceberg lettuce
0.15KGDiced Onion
0.2KGDiced Tomato
0.3KGDiced Cucumber
0.1KGDiced Capsicum
0.05KGKalamata Olives
0.15KGFeta Cheese
0.07LITERBasic Vinaigrette(see recipe)


  • Clean and Process all the vegetables.
  • Prepare Vinaigrette.
  • Mix all the diced vegetables and iceberg together and kalamata olives.
  • Gently toss it and add lemon vinaigrette to the salad .
  • Just before plating add cubes of feta cheese and season the salad
  • Then finally build the salad on to a salad plate.