Five tips for engaging hotel guests on Twitter

1. Gather twitter profiles.

The first thing to do when starting a Twitter campaign is to listen to the ongoing conversations. Make it easy for guests to share their Twitter profiles with you. Ensure you keep track of those on your CRM – they are public information after all!

2. Read tweets of next arrivals.

A good way to check the mood of your next arrivals is to check their Twitter feeds. Based on the last few tweets and whether they were recent or not, you will be able to see if they are “looking forward to the vacation” or “dreading the business trip”. Use that information at check-in to service them better.

3. Share local tidbits, funny pictures.

Like any social community, Twitter is about having fun first and foremost. So share interesting news about your community, funny pictures of a “tortoise race” in the neighbourhood and you will see an immediate return with people retweeting your content. It’s not about the hard sale, it’s about getting users interested.

4. Offer a Twitter concierge.

Make yourself available to help. Listen to questions directed at you or about your destination and answer users with relevant information. If someone is asking for a restaurant, don’t offer just the top choice. Treat twitter dialogues like you would a guest at your property, offer them advice about the small bistro that most tourists don’t know about.

5. Share twitter-exclusives.

Monitor success. Ultimately, Twitter is about conversions. And the best way to monitor those is to offer special deals for Twitter. Make them good deals and you will develop a following, no doubt.