Extra White Egg Salad

Yield: Makes 6 to 8 servings

Egg whites, hard – cooked 12
Egg yolks, hard – cooked 4
Green onions – minced 3
Reduced-fat mayonnaise – 6 Tbsp.
Low-fat yogurt – plain 3 Tbsp.
Fresh chives – minced 3 Tbsp.
Fresh tarragon – minced 2 tsp.
Salt and pepper – to taste


  1. Combine whites and yolks, mashing with fork to rough texture. Add green onions.
  2. Mix mayonnaise, yogurt, herbs, salt and pepper in small dish. Add to eggs; mix lightly to combine.

Note: An array of ingredients can be used in place of the chives and tarragon to vary the basic formula. Try chiles, cumin and cilantro for a Mexican taste, curry and chutney for Indian and basil and dried tomatoes for Italian.

Nutrition per serving: Calories, 115; Fat, 6g (50% calories from fat); Protein, 9.5g; Carbohydrates, 4.24g; Sodium, 195mg; Cholesterol, 146mg.