Explain The Club membership Process?

The club industry consists of all private clubs, both equity and non-equity, that provide services and amenities to individuals with similar
interests and desires for social and recreational purposes. Access to a private club is restricted to members, their immediate families, and guests of the members. To join a club a candidate for membership must be sponsored by a current member. In addition, the applicant has to provide letters of recommendation from other members that are in good standing. The application is then carried forward to management or the membership committee for consideration.

As such, the member that forwards the nomination must be a strong advocate for the applicant. The candidate or nominee for membership is then evaluated by the membership committee to ensure that the candidate is a good ‘fit’ for the club and the applicant meets the criteria for club membership. In some private clubs, the candidate may have to meet and interview with the board members. Some clubs do not have enough members to make them economically viable so they allow the public to use the club for a fee after giving priority of usage to members (e.g., priority tee times on a golf course). This type of club is referred to as a semi-private club.