Everything You Need To Know About Hotel General Store Room Key Control

  • The main door of the F&B Storeroom and the General Storeroom shall have a lock for control purposes.
  • Every freezer and refrigerator in the F&B and kitchen storeroom should have individual locks.
  • The key to the main doors of all stores, refrigerators and freezers shall be kept in the Security Control room. Every key shall be labelled as to its area for identification purposes.
  • A logbook for emergency purposes will be assigned to the F&B storeroom as well as the General Storeroom.

Opening of the F&B / General Storerooms:

  • The first storekeeper who will report in the morning shall sign and collect the keys from the security office.
  • The keys will be kept in the Storeroom until its closing hours.

Closing of the F&B / General Storeroom:

  • The storekeeper who responsible for closing the store will ensure that all refrigerators/freezers/ main doors are locked before returning the keys to the Security office.
  • All keys to the storeroom shall be surrendered to the Security office at the end of the day.
  • The time for collect and return columns of the logbook has to be filled out by the storekeeper and countersigned by the duty Security Officer.
  • A staff ID card must be produced when collecting or returning any F&B outlet keys to or from the Security Control Office.
  • No duplicate key from F&B outlets or specific locations is allowed.
  • Serious disciplinary action will be taken if a member of staff is found in possession of a duplicate key.
  • The outlet keys must be returned to Security Control Room within 24 hours of collection unless prior approval has been sought from Security by the Outlet Manager or Duty Manager.
  • If there is a change in personnel, Security should be notified at once.
  • An immediate report should be made to Security if a key for F&B outlet is found damaged or lost.

Procedure For Emergency Requisitions:

  • A separate logbook for the storeroom will be used for emergency requisitions.
  • Only the Assistant Manager on duty or the duty F&B Manager is authorized to open the storerooms after closing hours.
  • The Assistant Manager on duty or the duty F&B Manager will collect the key from the Security Office, sign the logbook and escorted by the Security Officer to the store.
  • Requisition has to be made out by the ordering department and after the items are taken from the store the Assistant Manager on duty or the duty F&B Manager will have to countersign this.
  • The first and second copy of the requisition shall be placed into the logbook for the storekeeper attention on the following day.
  • The third copy will be kept by the requisitioning department.