CCTV Tips From Security Experts For The Hotel Industry

  1. If you Choose to have CCTV, Get a good system. Avoid going with the lowest bidder; If you’re called into court you need to show that you hired the best company not the cheapest.
  2. Before cameras are installed Make sure the supplier lets you see the image from the proposed camera positions using different lenses.
  3. If possible, have security personnel watch the video monitors around the clock to catch problems as they happen. At the very least, record everything so you have evidence in case of a crime or accident.
  4. When your CCTV equipment if first installed. make a master tape label it date and store it away. Every so often Compare it with new images to see if the camera is wearing out.
  5. Do not record more than 24hours on a tape, even if your system allows you to fit many more. Recording 48 hours, for example means you get half as many shots of a specific activity. In a 96-hours mode you could miss an important action entirely.
  6. Do not automatically re-record the same tape every 24 hours, Instead archive the tape for at least 14 Days before reusing them.
  7. Use only industrial videotapes in industrial time-laps and do not use them beyond their life expectancy.