About hotel hierarchy,when to change and how to change?

When you create your annual work plan, you should consider the company’s organizational structure, regardless of cutting or adding new positions, this model significantly influences operations as a whole.

Hotel Organization Chart

Front Office of a Hotel

Total = 83+8(F Cashier) = 91

There are a few occasions when it may be necessary to change the hotel hierarchy. The most common reason is when a new property is opened. In this case, the properties will need to be re-ranked in order to reflect their new rank in the market. Another time when the hierarchy might need to be changed is if there has been a major change in ownership or management of one of the properties. This could happen if a company goes bankrupt and is sold off, or if there is a management change at one of the hotels.

The process for changing the hotel hierarchy is relatively simple. The first step is to identify which properties need to be updated. Next, each property needs to be assigned a rank based on its current position in the market. Finally, the new ranking needs to be input into the system. This can usually be done by your hotel management software provider.